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I Never Finish Anythi

It’s so true! Nearly every corner of my house holds the remnant of some long abandoned project. One of the saddest examples are the two little wooden shelves I bought with the intention of painting them and hanging them. Nope, I took them out of my car after I bought them, set them down in the garage, and walked away. That must have been about 9 years ago. They’re still there.

Earlier this year, I started the RAW challenge on Flickr. The challenge is to make a ring, take pictures of it, and then post it to the group. One ring every week for the entire year. That’s 52 rings. A couple of weeks ago, I posted number 38. Eeesh… Is this just going to be another one of those things that I never finish?! For some reason, the thought of not finishing this challenge makes me feel really bad. I think that’s because I started this challenge at the same time that I was starting to get into metalworking. Up until the first of this year, I really only ever worked with metal clay. The thought of soldering made me cringe! I used this challenge as a way to push myself to expand my skill set, and you know what? It worked!

Now, the real challenge: to finish RAW! I have 14 rings left to go, and I’m going to do it in the next 2 weeks! AND I’m going to do it without cheating (i.e. I will not post a recreation of a ring I’ve already posted to RAW, and I will not post the same ring with different colored stones). These will be all new creations. Three such rings have already been posted.

Number 39

Puddle Water










Number 40

Ornate Relic Shield











and Number 41

Ornate Relic Band










Number 42 will go up tomorrow. I took pictures of it today, but they look awful, so I’ll have to retake them.

If you’re like me (poor thing) and you don’t finish things, make a goal for yourself to do so. It’s amazingly fulfilling to finish something you’ve started… I should probably post that up all over my house, over every pile of unfinished projects. Wish me luck.

Happy Holidays!