Daily Archives: August 29, 2012

Inspiration Photo Contest

Wow, it’s been awhile since I blogged. I hate being such a slouch of a blogger. This has been a crazy summer, and every time I think of something to blog about, something more important comes up.

Also, over the last few weeks, I’ve made very little in the way of new jewelry. Part of it is time constraints from the aforementioned crazy summer. However, I think the majority of the reason I haven’t been creating is because my inspiration seems sapped. Those hectic moments in our lives are not usually good at providing inspiration. I even revisited my huge stack of coffee table books. The last time I dug into those books for inspiration, I worked for months after! Not this time. Nothing. This is where you come in.

Starting today and going through Friday, August 31st, I’ll be holding an inspiration photo contest. And get this! Everyone who enters will win a random prize! Crazy, right? The random prizes will range from 5% to 50% off coupons that you can use in my Esty shop or on my website. You could also win a pair of Silver Plume Earrings or a Poppies and Pavement ring in your size. And here’s the best part: you will win a prize for each entry you submit, up to three! I use a random number generator in Excel, so your prizes really will be random. If you enter twice and the magic number generator generates two 50% off coupons for you, that’s what you get!

“So how do I enter this crazy contest?” you may be asking yourself. Well, I’ll tell you.

Email me a photo that inspires you (Please click HERE for my email address). Not what you think or know inspires me. Obviously, my normal inspiration isn’t cutting it right now, so I need something different. This can be any photo, whether you took it or not. If you didn’t take the photo, please try to include information about who did or a weblink to where the photo comes from. (Up to three entries will be accepted)  While you’re there, make sure to “Like” my page, if you haven’t already.  I’ll respond to you as soon as possible with your random prize. That’s it! That’s all you have to do.

I’ll upload the photos that I really like (feel free to tag yourself in the ones you submitted, but it’s not required). Entries will be accepted through Friday night, and I’ll announce a winner by Sunday at the latest.

“Wait! What’s the grand prize!?” I can hear you asking right now. Did you see the ring at the top of this post? The person who submits the winning photo will win that ring in their size! But wait! There’s more! as those stupid infomercials like to say. The winner will also get their very own coupon for 25% off of anything… FOR LIFE! I’m not just a metalsmith, folks. I’m CRRRRRAAAAZY! Ok, enough TV announcer crap.

Get entering! The fun starts…….. NOW!