Get Down with the Sickness.

I don’t get sick very often. In fact, aside from the random ickies that last less than 24 hours, I haven’t been full on sick in… well… The last one I remember was in January of 2008. I remember because it was my birthday. What a great gift! When I do get sick, I get real sick. I guess it’s just a compilation of all sicknesses I didn’t get, all rolled into one. This one is no different.

I have not stepped foot into my studio all week! Monday morning brought me a sinus infection. It’s been my constant companion for five days now! Yesterday, I realized something interesting. If I were still employed outside of the house, I would be ok with being sick. I’d get to take days off, stay at home, rest, and feel bad for all the suckers at work who didn’t get sick and had to be there! However, now that I’m self employed, and the things I have to do are also the things I want to do, I want the sickness to be gone! No more naps! No more tissues! I broke the thermometer, so no more temperature taking! No more Tylenol! I will have another glass of orange juice, though. Thanks 🙂

I vow that today will be different! Today, I will get into the studio, if only long enough to make the earrings that jumped into my mind last night after the Tylenol PM had been ingested, so there was no getting up at that point. I also had a dream about a bracelet the other night. I’d really like to try working on that, too.

So why am I telling you this? Because if I write it down, I might actually do it! And if I’m going to write it down, I might as well share it, because that’s how I roll.

So in the illustrious words of Disturbed: Get up, come on get down with the sickness!

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