My Etsy Shop Grand (re)Opening Giveaway!

Here it is! The long awaited (to me, anyway) giveaway for the grand re-opening of my Etsy shop! My shop was closed for a number of reasons. First, it needed a slight revamping. That’s done. Second, I was taking two classes at a time (an auditing class, and a government and non-profit accounting class — gag). Those are done! Finally, I had a full time job that was kind of in the way of putting all my energy into my work and my shop. Well, THAT’S done, too! I am self employed, and have nothing better to do but work on jewelry all day! Oh yeah… I have puppy potty training, and puppy “please stop biting me” training going on, too. Anyway, as I promised, like FOREVER ago, I’m doing a giveaway! Actually, a couple. I will do a giveaway every day (from Tuesday the 11th, through Saturday the 15th) at 7 PM MST. Here’s a run down of what prizes will be given away on what days:

Tuesday: 10% off anything in my shop!

Wednesday: A pair of copper Urban Beautification earrings, pictured below. (Winner will be announced early because I’m taking my husband to a concert for his birthday :))





Thursday: 15% off anything in my shop!

Friday: A ring! A delicate silver band with a copper bowl filled with blue and yellow enamel. Oooh… aaaah… Pictures to come (size 8).





Saturday: The grand prize! My Beauty in Decay III ring (size 7.25). This is a ring I would normally sell for around $125. Yours for FREE!

Beauty in Decay III









‘So just how do I win these crazy prizes?’ you might be asking. Well I’ll tell you.

Chances are you came to be reading this here blog by clicking a link on my Facebook page. If you didn’t, then you should. Anyway, on the Facebook link, there are three buttons: “Like,” “Comment,” and “Share.” Click share! (Although you’re certainly welcome to “Like” and “Comment,” too!) This will share my blog post link on your Facebook wall. Facebook is kindly enough to show me all of the shares my link is getting. Everyone who shares my link will get their name put into a hat (yes, literally, a hat) for the random drawing at 7 PM MST. If you win during the week, your name will go back into the hat on Saturday for a chance at the Grand Prize!

Want to get your name into the drawing twice?! I also have a link to my Etsy shop posted on Facebook. Everyone who shares that one will also be entered to win! If you share both, you’re entered for both!

Questions, comments, concerns, emotional outbursts? Feel free to comment on my blog or on Facebook, or email me at

Good luck! 😀


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