What I Did in My First Week

Well, not a lot, actually. This week was really all about settling in. I don’t feel self-employed. I feel like a bum! I’ve done some school work (at gun point!), did some grocery shopping (just the essentials), watched a Halloween-ish movie every night, worked on some new houses… and I guess that’s about it.

Oh, wait! I did make two new rings! This was the first one:

Orange Twig Setting Ring











Before you get all crazy and tell me that my setting is crooked, I know! It’s supposed to be 🙂 And I don’t mean that in a PeeWee Herman “I meant to do that” kind of way. It was actually supposed to be much more crooked, but I was more focused on making sure the setting was secure. The band is hammered sterling silver, and the setting is copper. The stone is a 5mm, bright orange, Padparadscha sapphire colored CZ. It took me three or four tries before I finally got it right. I call this the Twig Setting because in my mind, the setting is supposed to look like twigs or branches that are growing up and around the stone. Again, the focus was on the integrity of the setting.

I was super excited about my first prong setting for a small stone, that I had to immediately start on another one. On my next ring, the goal was to make the setting as organic (let’s not use the word crooked, ok?) as possible, and pay attention to other details, too.

Green Twig Setting ring











I did it! This setting is way more “organic.” I hammered and slightly flared the band so it would kind of resemble a tree stump. The vine comes out of the setting, goes all the way around, coils, and then ends in the setting. This is my new favorite setting, and I have several ideas of directions I want to take it. You can see more pictures of these two rings in my Flickr page to the right ———————->

Also, my shop should be reopened on Tuesday! Be on the lookout for that, because I’ll be doing at least one giveaway. News will be on my Facebook page and here.


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