My Big News!

I was going to try and come up with a big story to draw out the suspense, but what the heck.

September 30th is my last day at work! I love my job, and my boss is awesome, but… I would rather be at home all day making jewelry, taking metalsmithing classes, writing blog posts, updating my website (FINALLY), listing on Etsy, and talking to you fine people. Oh yeah, I’ll also be putting my accounting degree to some good use because I’ll be working part time for my husband. Our poor accountant looked like she was going to cry the last time we went to see her. Vince handed her these Excel print outs that were just a nightmare. Starting October 1, he is NOT allowed to touch Excel anymore!

I’ve wanted to do this for several years and I’m super excited that the opportunity has presented itself. I have a handful of other things I want to work on, too. I like a lot of mixed media arts, and have recently started buying different clays to see which one I like best for small sculptures.

Anyway, that’s my news 😀 Over the next three weeks I’ll be doing some giveaways! Yay! Free stuff! So be on the lookout for new posts and my grand re-opening.


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