Three Things I Love

Just a quick post to tell you about some things I love. I found these things this week and felt very inspired by them, in one way or another.

  • I love art dolls. I wish I could buy every one of them that catches my eye. This one caught my eye this week. Molly Fishskins‘ art dolls are so beautiful, detailed, scary, and yet charming.
  • I love wrecked, weathered, rusted, broken, industrial things (as if you didn’t know that). I’ve never been into cars, and especially not model cars, but oh boy… I HAVE  to get me one of these! How awesome is that? Classic Wrecks makes the most unique model cars ever. I could totally see sporting a mantle full of ’em. If I had a mantle…
  • Finally, I’m so sick of summer (yeah, I just said that!), and these etchings make me wish for the cooler months all the more. Fleurografie makes some very interesting pieces of graphic art. I’m not sure what an etching is, but Winter, Spring, and of course Autumn make me very happy.
  • Ok, a bonus thing I love. These slightly creepy, super awesome, baby doll faces in porcelain. Want, want, want… There’s not much in Christina Root‘s Etsy shop right now, but what there is makes me excited to see more!


2 responses to “Three Things I Love

  • gerri herbst

    thank you for the post on your blog they fit on bookshelves too……thanks very much I am putting on a pink t bird in the next few days I do special orders too if I can find the model….classicwrecks john

  • Jane Font

    That’s great, Gerri! I might have to go to the hobby store and have a look at what’s available. If I find one worthy of your craft, I’ll let you know 😀


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