New Ring, New Me, New Web Design, and Other Musings

Beauty in Decay

When I started making my latest ring for RAW, I really didn’t have any ideas going in. That is kind of part of the new creative me. Rather than getting an idea for a particular design, or thinking of a design for a technique I want to try, I’m trying to let the process be much more organic. I’m trying things this way for two reasons. First, I’ve spent too little time on learning how to make bezels and set stones. Every time I make a new piece, I’m challenging myself to set a stone (or some other element) in a unique way. Second, I’m trying to keep my focus on the feeling and style I want in each piece. The less planning that is done, the more room there is to focus on these two items. With this ring for example, I wanted to give an aged, decayed, beat up look to the ring, while still keeping it beautiful. So I broke the edges of the band. The texture I used was too deep, so I sanded it down and hammered it, adding to the worn look. I wanted a large stone on the ring, but with no ideas and a finished band, I had to be really creative, so I came up with the copper bezel that is riveted to the band, essentially strapping the garnet down. You can see the texture through the garnet. It’s very interesting.

So the new me (who doesn’t sit and scratch her head until an entire design is worked out) needed a new website. I know, I just got a new website, but after my awesome Mentorial session with the talented and generous Lora Hart, I realized that my website said nothing about me or my work. I’m working feverishly on that, and hopefully I’ll have settled on a new design in the next few days.

Seems like I was cranking out the new work constantly there for a while. I haven’t stopped, I’m just in the middle of a few things. I haven’t listed quite as much in my Etsy shop recently, but there should be some interesting new works in there soon!


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